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  Author: Ian Marr  Homepage   Date: Feb 24, 10:17 PM

Two issues - firstly, sent two messages to forum, on different boards. Three days before anything appeared. Sort of defeats the whole purpose, doesn't it? My message could have been the answer to a serious problem someone was having. But that's okay, let them wait three days (plus any wait time before their message appeared) to solve their problem. Not good enough, TP.

Secondly, one of those messages (on Feature Requests) was about how it would be good if the messages on the forums could be displayed differently (especially when returning to the list after reading a message). What has happened? Well that message is nowhere to be seen. I can only conclude it has been censored for some reason (there was absolutely nothing in the message to cause offence of any type.) Not good enough, TP


Ian Marr

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